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Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Funds Spent on PM Modi’s Rally alleges Congress

Congress accused MP Government of diverting funds of Swach Bharat Abiyan towards the Narmada Seva Yatra in which the state government spent the public money for mobilization of money for the Prime Minister’s meeting.

The prime minister’s dream project ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ was spent on mobilizing the money in his Amarkantak Yatra. In order to mobilize crowds in the meeting of the Prime Minister at the function organized on May 15, the state government allocated the funds for cleanliness campaign. On behalf of the State Program Officer, ‘Rupees 500 Rupees Per Persons For The Preachers For Training In Amarkantak’ have been issued.

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Madhya Pradesh Congress President Arun Yadav has alleged that the government’s money was misused by spending more than 100 crores on the Prime Minister’s Amarkantak Yatra and his program. According to him, the Madhya Pradesh government spent Rs 1500 crore on the entire ‘Narmada Seva Yatra’.

According to Arun Yadav, ‘Government money was flown like water, which is certified by government orders and their data. For the mobilization of around 5 lakh people from the entire state, about Rs 17 crore 65 lakhs were spent on the vehicles and about two crore 85 lakhs were allocated in the name of their training.

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He alleged, “Nearly 25 Crore was paid to gather crowd (Rs 500 paid per person) in Amarkantak while 4 crore 12 lakh spent on snacks.
Rs 47 lacs were spent on scarves. Rs 45 lacs spent on helicopters. Rs 5 crores spent on tents. Rs 2 crores 84 lacs spent waste disposal and Rs 50 crore was spent on publicity of the event.

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Anil Garg, a well-known social worker from Madhya Pradesh, said, “The money has been released in order to mobilize crowds in the meeting of the Prime Minister. I have been told that for buses that were acquired in Indore, 40 to 60 thousand Rupees per bus was issued. This is not a new thing. Everywhere wherever the programs of Prime Minister or BJP are being organised, these people raise such crowds. During the Narmada yatra, wherever this visit went from Anganwadi to the top machinery, it was used in this journey.

Sandeep Naik explains, “Before Prime Minister reach in Amarkantak, there was a protest on the social media about the problems faced by the acquisition of buses.

District collectors demanded 86 lakh rupees per district for the diesel and other charges for the acquisition of buses from the government in order to bring the crowd of people from all the 51 districts of the state.
Dewas has been given only 21 thousand rupees and 50 buses have been acquired. All the work in Shahdol division of Shahdol, Shahdol, Umaria and Anuppur remained stalled for one month and the administration was entangled in the system from the airstrip to the prime minister’s safety and movement.

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