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Mohammed Shami responds to fanatics for criticising wife’s Dress, Many supported him on Social Media

KANPUR: “Go introspect”, said 26-year-old cricketer Mohammad Shami, whose wife faces trolls against her clothing sense. Being a wife of a cricketer she has to feel the pressure of those twitterattis facebook fans, who try to find out an apt an opportunity of making a mountain of a molehill. Although his reaction on the matter was perfectly reasonable yet criticism has led to a wide discussion on certain news channels. What the social media is doing is certainly rage over outrage.

Here is the picture which Mohammed Shami had posted on social media.

What the celebrities wear, talk and do are honestly presented in the electronic media as the editorial bosses sitting by the tables know it very well that such theme runs for catching viewers. Refined people’s attention was drawn to a point of no value. This coverage is done merely to educate the social media followers to not to pander to such irrelevant matters.

A group of celebrities supported the cricketer’s wife. Lyricist Javed Akhtar said: The dress was elegant and if anyone objected it showed one’s mental sickness. Cricketer Mohd Kaif wrote: Discuss other grave issues and support Shami. One fan stated: Learn from his fellow cricketer Pathan Brothers. Another fan suggested: Being a Muslim maintain purdah for your wife. Above all the husband was completely seen in favour of her elegantly dressed wife Haseen Jehan. This is what was appreciated by the popular boxer Vijender even. He was too clear to express his views in support of Shami’s wife. If she finds herself comfortable in a designer gown, she prefers wearing that piece of wear. There should not be any paroxysm in it.

Shami got support from cricketer to Bollywood start’s, every one was sporting him, in last he tweeted this to shut trolls mouth.

As Muslim theology justifiably stresses upon wearing clothes covering the whole of a woman’s body, it becomes imperative for a Muslim woman to wear what is widely prevalent particularly in the Muslim society. It is not a matter of bigotry. It is just to cover her body and nothing more. There are sufficient numbers of Muslim women who have discarded that piece of cover. And it is a clear impact of the British style. That’s why Akbar Allahabadi penned down in verse: “Poocha Jo Bibiyo Se Purdah Kya Hua Unka, Kahne Lagi Mardo Ke Aql Per Pad Gaya.”

Had it not been important for the Muslim women they would not be wearing a loose cover over their body. It is not only celebrities are targeted but ordinary Muslim women are also indicted over their veil-less status. The locality moralists keep them annoying for discarding veil. The difference is that the celebrities make news and commoners build views. Far from our country in the middle-east, the Israel Knesset staff created a very unpleasant scene by coming in miniskirts despite the strict provision of respectable dress code.

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